Meta Horizon Worlds
May - August 2023
Content Design Intern
Primarily working on Meta Horizon Worlds within Reality Labs, I worked on notifications to recommend worlds within the game to users, in addition to in-app error messaging and training an ML model for sticker captions.
How did I add value?
With work experience in UXR and PD, I had a key understanding of adjacent design disciplines and was able to gather UXR insights and prepare a brief, provide recommendations for design beyond the scope of my project work, and advocate for A/B testing (this writing is in product as of August 11 2023 ✨)
01 Anchor yourself to the core user problem
When I found myself going in circles, I revisited the question: How do we want users to feel?

By anchoring myself to the core user problem, I focussed on solving a problem instead of completing a task.
02 Don't let yourself fall into rabbit holes
I found myself sifting through doc after doc on our internal portal and Google Drive. Working somewhere like Meta, with thousands of employees working on similar projects like notifications - the amount of content available was overwhelming and I found myself falling into rabbit holes. I was anchoring myself to content and designs that had already been explored, and relied on opinions from other designers to make decisions.
03 The medium is the message
Having great content and insights, means very little when you aren’t sure how to socialize this. Learning to communicate and collaborate with your teammates is equally as important as having great designs.
Work and some play
I had the chance to work out of San Francisco this summer and had an amazing time exploring the West Coast and visiting Meta's Headquarters.
Looking to learn more about this project?
I'm unfortunately bound by NDA until this project is released to the public (soon!) - send me an email if you're interested in learning more about the process and what we designed.
Not convinced yet?
Check out some of my other projects.
Led the design of Bubble's first ever in-editor tutorial to teach users how to build a login/sign-up flow with no code. The project focusses on interaction design and product thinking.